Axial Piezocomposite Impulse Generators PIA

PIA impulse generators provide fast accelerations to test objects, structures and materials. A special dielectrical piezoceramic is used for highly-effective piezo impulse generators with a high power density.

The impulse energy density is twice as much as the comparable ceramics for actuators.

  • Adjustable impact parameters like energy/ac­ce­le­ra­tion/de­flec­tion/
    E < 4 Joule; a > 10.000 g, stroke up to > 100 µm
  • High repeatability of the impact parameters, precise time behavior
  • Pulse energies in the Joule range
  • Variable collision- and repetition rate
  • Shortest expansion times in the µs's
  • Pulse width at about 10 µs
  • Precise triggering in the µs-range
  • Contact between actuator and specimen before impulse

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