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Axial Piezocomposite Impulse Generators PIA

PIA impulse generators provide fast accelerations to test objects, structures and materials. A special dielectrical piezoceramic is used for highly-effective piezo impulse generators with a high power density.

The impulse energy density is twice as much as the comparable ceramics for actuators.

  • Adjustable impact parameters like energy/ac­ce­le­ra­tion/de­flec­tion/
    E < 4 Joule; a > 10.000 g, stroke up to > 100 µm
  • High repeatability of the impact parameters, precise time behavior
  • Pulse energies in the Joule range
  • Variable collision- and repetition rate
  • Shortest expansion times in the µs's
  • Pulse width at about 10 µs
  • Precise triggering in the µs-range
  • Contact between actuator and specimen before impulse

Customized Solutions – PIA Shock Generators

The PIA shock generators can be custom-made according to specific requirements. Whether you need high force impacts, high repetition rates, exceptional repeatability or all these criteria together, piezosystem jena will develop the optimal system for you. Just contact us via info(at) or call +49(0)364166880.

Working principle of PIA Shock Generators

When the piezo is charged quickly (short pulse), then the axial compression stress in the piezo ceramic instantaneously jumps to a large value. The blocking pressure is established, resulting in high accelerations with high strain rates. As a result the piezo-rod expands in an accelerated manner. The piezo stack can build up a propagating pressure front in a coupled body. Therefore the piezo is an “active rod” which generates mechanical shocks when driven by electrical power pulses.

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