Piezoelectric Shaker PiSha

Piezo shaker put the electrical excitation signal directly into a motion. The amplitude of the shaker motion is determined by the operating voltage, whereas the speed of the movement is determined by the charging current (in the sub-resonant mode). The internal structure of the shaker is adapted to the occurring high forces, pressures and accelerations. So the shaker achieves a reliable operation under oscillation at a continuous load.

  • Working frequency 100 kHz
  • Max. amplitude 5 µm
  • Max. force modulation 1000 N (blocking conditions)
  • Recommendet amplifier LE 150/100 EBW

Further information is available at Application in testing technology or feel free to contact us.

  • Max. amplitude 80 µm
  • Max. force modulation ±10 kN
  • 1st natural frequency 200 Hz (depends on seismic mass)
  • Seismic mass up to 200 kg/440 lb
  • Recommended amplifier RCV 1000/7





Further information is available at Geological Ground Investigations or feel free to contact us.

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