Analog Power Amplifiers LE

LE 1000/035

Due to an output voltage of 1000 V and an output current of 350 mA the linear high voltage amplifier LE 1000/035 is perfect for dynamic control of Piezocomposite Actuators and other capacitive loads.  Despite the high output power this linear piezo amplifier comes as an extremely compact tabletop unit.  Hence, the LE 1000/035 is perfect for applications like in material testing, vibration excitation, motion-control and many more.

Analog Amplifier LE 1000/035

1-Channel Amplifier


  • High power for dynamic operations
  • Voltage range: 0 V ... +1000 V
  • Output current to 350 mA
  • Idle bandwidth 5000 Hz

LE 150/100 EBW

The power amplifier LE 150/100 EBW is specially designed for the use with Piezocomposite Actuators from piezosystem jena at highest frequencies.
The power amplifier LE 150/100 EBW has an idle bandwidth of 70’000 Hz. The suffix EBW stand for Enhanced Band Width In conjunction with an output current of 1 A Piezocomposite Actuators and other capacitive loads can be driven at highest frequencies.

Analog Power Amplifier LE 150/100 EBW



  • Voltage range 0 V ... +150 V
  • Output current 1 A
  • Idle bandwidth 70'000 Hz

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