Vibration Damping

State of the art

A lot of technical applications are affected by oscillations. Not always these oscillations are desired therefore they are damped or completely compressed. Different methods exist in different branches of industry.


Passive damping:

  • Springs,
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic damping,
  • Buffer systems,
  • Vibration-dampening mineral composite base for processing centers

Active damping:

  • Pneumatic/hydraulic damping,
  • Electromagnetic damping,
  • Piezo electric damping

Benefits of piezo-composite solutions

Piezo electric shakes can be specially adapted to one application or designed for a wide range of uses. For vibration damping they are ideally suited because of:

  • a frequency range from DC up to 100 kHz,
  • compact dimensions,
  • force generation up to 50 kN,
  • no generation of electromagnetic fields

These and additional characteristics open up a wide range of applications in industry as well as in laboratories in research and development.

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