Reflecion Seismology

State of the art

Classic methods for the excitation of seismic waves are usually shock events like hammer strokes, falling weights or detonations. During the last time harmonic excitation with seismic vibrators (vibroseis) gains ground. Usually this method uses trucks that are equipped with a vibrating plate that are driven hydraulically. The properties of such systems are:

  • Frequencies up to a few 100 Hz,
  • Forces of some 100 kN,
  • Accelerations of a few g,
  • Variable frequency,
  • Fast, mobile excitation system

Due to their large size such systems are inapplicable for investigations at locations that are difficult to access. In fact there are approaches for more compact systems but these systems generate much smaller forces. Furthermore the signals from the mainly used hydraulic systems have high distortion factors.

Benefits of Piezocomposite Solutions

Piezo materials show high energy densities which results in a high force generation of over 10 kN at relatively small sizes. Therefore it is possible to perform investigations at locations that are difficult to access. Furthermore the use of piezo technology allows a free choice of the signal waveform. 

  • Tunable frequencies up to several 100 Hz,
  • Force modulation over 10 kN,
  • Arbitrary waveform,
  • Compact size

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