NV 40/3 CLE

NV 40/3CLE

typ. frequency of NV40/3CLE

NV 40/3 CLE

Compact Stand-Alone Housing


  • Compact design
  • Automatic Sensor Identification (ASI-FUNCTION)
  • Low voltage noise (< 0.3 mVRMS)
  • Full graphic display
  • Integrated control electronics


  • Drift compensated controlling of piezo actuators with resistive measurement systems
  • Laboratory applications
  • Industrial applications

The piezo amplifier, NV 40/3 CLE, was designed for low voltage piezo elements with external measurement systems.

The NV 40/3 CLE includes a voltage amplifier, closed loop control, and a display with a PC-interface. The high-resolution display shows the position of the actuator, along with some other information such as: the mode of operation and the temperature inside the amplifier.

This piezo amplifier also provides the opportunity to operate the piezo element via an analog modulation input. The position of the actuator can be examined via the monitor output.

Due to the very low voltage noise of the output current, only 0.3 mVRMS, this amplifier system is ideally suited for positioning applications with sub-nm resolution.

Special protective circuits prevent voltage spikes when switching the unit on and off and consequently avert any overload caused by overheating or short-circuiting.

The new soft start ensures an actuator-safe activation of the system. With the electronic PID controller this system operates without any drift or hysteresis.

Due to its design, and compact casing, the new amplifier is recommended for all R&D and engineering applications.

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