NV 40/3

typ. frequency of NV 40/3

Piezo Controller 3-Channel Version

The series of 3-channel piezo amplifiers, NV 40/3 and NV 40/3 CLE, was designed for easy controlling of 3-axes nano-positioning piezo stages with sub-nanometer accuracy and lowest settling time.

Technical Highlights:

  • 3-channel piezo controller
  • NV 40/3 for piezo positioning stages without feedback sensors
  • NV 40/3CLE for piezo positioning stages with integrated feedback sensors
  • Automatic Sensor Identification procedure (ASI)
  • Output current 40 mA per channel permanent
  • Signal noise < 0.3 mV @ 500 Hz
  • Piezo control up to kHz frequency (depends on driven amplitude and electrical capacitance)
  • Manual control, analog input 0 ... 10 V, USB interface
  • TFT-Display dimmable for lab use
  • Wide range power supply module 100 V ... 240 V
  • Table top version

Overview NV 40/3 and NV 40/3CLE

 name NV 40/3 NV40/3CLE
 part no. E-101-20


 wide range power supply 100V...240V yes


 USB interface yes
 Servo-Controller for SG and capacitive  feed back sensors no yes
 Modulation & Monitor Input/Output yes yes
 Display dimmable yes yes


The NV 40/3 CLE amplifier is equipped with a sensor servo module for controlling actuators with an integrated positioning feedback sensor. These nano-positioning systems are marked by the letters "SG" or "CAP" in the description.

piezo controller 3-channel version

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