12V40 OEM Piezo Controller

Characteristics 12V40 series characteristics:

  • 1-channel piezo amplifier
  • Compact size
  • Available in different types of casings
  • Manual and external controlling
  • Pin board on the back plane
  • Robust and high realibility
  • 12 V or 24 V DC main supply
  • Signal noise < 0.3 mVRMS
  • Optional SG or CAP versions available


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The 12V40 and 24V40 piezo controller series from Piezosystem Jena is especially made for piezo electric actuators used in nanopositioning tasks for industrial applications.
Different types of casing, with and without screw slots, and a 19" rack mount version are available. The 12V40 requires a main supply voltage of 12 VDC while the 24V40 requires a 24 VDC main voltage supply. The piezo controller offers the user the choice to control a piezoelectric element manually or via analog modulation input with a signal of 0 to 10 VDC with a nearly unlimited step resolution. To support industrial use, all operational elements from the front panel are also available on the rear side. All sockets are also available on the back so that the amplifiers can be easily integrated into an OEM-product line.The output voltage can be supervised on the monitor output. Special circuits are integrated to protect the piezo element from voltage spikes and excessive voltages.
These amplifiers are well suited for sub-nm positioning tasks due to a very low voltage noise of only 0.3 mVRMS.

Overview 12V40 and 24V40 Series


12V40 / 24V40 OEM

  • Without sensor controller

12V40 SG / 24V40 SG

  • With strain gage sensor controller

12V40 CSG / 24V40 CSG

  • With sensor controller for strain gage or capacitive feed back integrated in piezo actuators with part number suffix "E"

12V40 C /12V40 CSG

  • 19"-Eurocard-Modul with 160 mm insert depth - CSG-Version with strain gage sensor controller

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