Digital System d-Drive pro

Download Characteristics d-Drive pro:

  • Highest resolution: 24 bit
  • Simultaneous control up to 3 axes
  • Parallel processing of the converter data
  • Synchronous 3-channel-modulator with120 mA continuous current
  • Single channel can be expand to 300 mA
  • Supply for external sensors
  • Adjustable PID modulator 
  • Automatic sensor identification (ASI)
  • Automatic sensor calibration (ASC)
  • Freely programmable frequency generator
  • Storable functions
  • Adjustable slew-rate
  • Adjustable notch and low pass filter
  • Compatible instruction set to d-Drive®
  • Trigger output

d-Drive pro

Download  Pictures

Example of a motion of actuator PX200 CAP operated with the d-Drivepro.

Due to the high resolution of the amplifier (24 Bit) and capacitive sensor, small steps in sub-nanometer range (0.7 nm) can be resolved.


Digital Piezo Controller - d-Drive pro

The new piezo controller d-Drivepro has a compatible instruction set to that of the existing d-Drive® series. As with the standard d-Drive® all digital piezo actuators can be controlled via PC. The digital piezo controller d-Drivepro also shares the same great features including: freely programmable frequency generator, adjustable slew-rate, as well as notch and low pass filters.

The d-Drivepro also allows for the exchanging of actuators in the field through Automatic Sensor Identification (ASI) and Automatic Sensor Calibration (ASC). The new integrated Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) offers the users of the digital piezo controller d-Drive pro entirely new possibilities with the highest flexibility. Special highlights include the high 24 bit resolution and simultaneous control of up to 3 axes. The interfaces available to the user are RS232, USB and Ethernet as well as an analog modulation input and monitor output. The output current of a single axis is adjustable up to 300 mA.


  • Digital input/output
  • Trigger input
  • Current controlled operation of the piezo actuators
  • Detection of the specific resonant frequency in your application
  • Storage of user specific functions
  • Expandable interfaces (CAN, RS485, RS422)

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