Two types of 19" casings are available. Both of them already have an integrated wide range power supply module from 100 V to 240 V (50 - 60 Hz). The standard casing comes with legs and handholds. If ordered with the additional part number E-799-001 the casing is manufactured with L-brackets for integration into 19" systems.

Overview casing versions

  19" Rack Casing
315 mm depth
19" Rack Casing
375 mm depth
part-no.: E-750-000 E-751-000 E-751-100 E-751-200
interface modul EDS 1 EDS 2 EDS 2 EDS 1
main supply modul wide range power supply 120 W; typ. under load switching power supply 230 W, typ. under load
line voltage 100-240 V AC 100-240V AC
primary fuse 2x T6.3A / 250V 5x20 mm slow blow
dimension 450 x 150 x 360 450 x 150 x 420
weight 4.8 kg 7.3 kg
max. number of mountable amplifier modules series EDV
EVD 50 6 pieces 6 pieces
EVD 125 3 pieces 3 pieces
EVD 300 2 pieces 3 pieces


L-Brackets part. no.: E-799-001


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