30DV300 OEM Controller

Download Characteristics 30DV300 digital OEM Controller:

  • 1 channel digital piezo controller
  • Resolution: 20 bit
  • Supply voltage from 10 to 30 V DC
  • Output current: 300 mA
  • 20 µs sampling closed loop
  • Auto calibration and ASI-Function
  • For all kinds of closed loop sensors
  • Built-in wave function generator
  • Fully programmable



Digital Piezo Controller - 30DV300 OEM - 300 mA Output Current

The line of digital piezo amplifiers (d-Drive) by piezosystem jena is now expanded by the OEM amplifier module 30DV50. The 30DV300 was designed for universal use with a main supply voltage from 10 V to 30 V DC. The casing is available as a screw slot version (see picture) or for use in a 19" rack mount casing.

The high performance of the 30DV300 with 20 bit resolution guarantees high speed positioning with the highest accuracy available. It includes rise time optimization and active oscillation damping for each special application.

The 30DV300 comes with an auto calibration routine and automatic sensor identification ASI-Function. All values of the actuating system, like capacitance, measurement system, resonant frequency and motion, are automatically stored in the amplifier. Automatic amplifier optimization occurs after actuator identification.

A unique feature of the 30DV300 is that it can be used in combination with strain gauge or capacitive feedback sensors without additional modification. The DSP (digital signal processor) runs at 64 MHz. The sampling rate is only 20 µsec.

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