Digital System d-Drive for Piezo Actuators (Piezo Controller)

The d-Drive® line in the program of piezo nano controllers from piezosystem jena combines the highest positioning accuracy with a unique handling comfort.

Two different systems are available, the OEM single axis piezo amplifier 30DV50 and the multichannel modular system with 19" rack casing.

All features can be controlled by a PC. The main functions of the modular 19" system can also be directly handled with the front panel. Moreover, the actuators now include AUTOMATIC SENSOR IDENTIFICATION - ASI Function separable and exchangeable.

The system always consists of 19" casing with a wide range of power modules ranging from 110 V up to 230 V, the EDS modules, with and without QVGA Display, and various EVD's, low voltage amplifier modules for open and closed loop actuators.

Up to 6 actuators per controller can be controlled simultaneously. piezosystem jena also implemented adjustable features such as slew rate, notch filter frequencies, and pass filter frequencies.

A built-in function generator offers sine, triangular, and square functions, as well as noise and sweep.

All this makes the d-Drive® an excellent choice for nanopositioning and scanning applications including scanning microscopy, metrology, surface profiling, cell tracking, nanotechnology, and many other applications.

A modular d-Drive® system (piezo controller) always consists of:

Key features and USP:

  • 20 bit resolution
  • Sampling rate of 50 kSPS
  • 19" casing technology, width 84 HP
  • PC interface
  • QVGA Display
  • Up to 6 channels per system
  • Self calibration after actuator plug in
  • Open / closed loop modes changeable
  • Free exchangeability of each digital closed loop actuator - ASI Function
  • Integrated wave generator (sinus, rectangular, triangle)
  • Notch filter as a selective filter
  • Low and high pass filter
  • Slew rate programming
  • Generator for noise and wobble functions
  • Output trigger signal
  • Free programmable
  • Memory function for own values
  • Position value given in volts or micrometer
  • User software for WINDOWS

Technical Information about resolution and capacity of the piezo amplifier modules are provided on the data sheet series EVD. For more detailed information about the d-Drive system please see the data sheet d-Drive.

OEM single axis piezo amplifier 30DV50

The OEM amplifier 30DV50 is especially designed for easy system integration. All features can be controlled via PC interface. The main voltage supply is 10 ... 30 VDC. Detailed information available under 30DV50.

The USP of our new digital piezo controller system is the separate exchangeability of closed loop actuators (ASI Function), thanks to the information from an integrated ID. The actuator type, linearity optimization, and PID-settings are stored on an ID-chip in the actuator's plug. The calibration is done with an integrated pre-amplifier.

Digital System d-Drive

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