ENV Amplifier Modules

The resolution of piezoelectric actuators is nearly unlimited. Because of this, piezo amplifiers play a key role in the high accuracy of nanopositioning equipment. With a signal noise of less than 0.3 mVRMS @ 500 Hz, all amplifier modules of the ENV series are an excellent choice for high accuracy positioning applications. The various amplifier modules of the ENV series are able provide the best solution for each application. All amplifiers are manufactured in 19" rack mount version for easy installation into new and existing systems. System upgrades are readily available.

All amplifier modules of the ENV series provide a potentiometer for hand controlled positioning, a modulation input for external signals from 0 to10 V, and a monitor output for signals controlling.


Typ/SeriesOutput CurrentParticularityOutput Voltage
ENV 4040 mAanalogue, 19"-ENV-Modul, Sensor-Controller, Display-10 V ... +150 V
ENV 40 compact40 mAanalogue, 19"-ENV-Modul, Sensor-Controller-10 V ... +150 V
ENV 300300 mAanalogue, 19"-ENV-Modul, Display-20 V ... +130 V
ENV 800800 mAanalogue, 19"-ENV-Modul, Display

-20 V ... +130 V

ENV Piezo Amplifier Modules

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