Piezo Analog System ENV

ENV - The Modular Plug-In-System

The ENV piezo controller system is a modular configuration with a 19" housing.
For each application it is possible to combine one or more amplifier modules with different characteristics. A complete system fit's into the application like a tailored solution.

Key features:

• Modular multi channel amplifier system
• Plug-in modules
• Flexible system configuration
• Fast and high power analoge piezo amplifer
• Manual control
• Independent number of I/O
• Table top casing or 19“-rack mount system
• Inside space 28 to 84 HP (1 HP = 5.08 mm)
• Bare handels or L-brackets mountable

Each piezo amplifier system consists of at least 3 modules:

  1. The casing; size and type can be changed per customer requirements
  2. The ENT module; supplies the main voltages for the piezo amplifier module
  3. The ENV piezo amplifier; verifies depending on the power requirements

Modular Piezo Controller System ENV

ENV-System within 63 HP Casing

ENV - the modular plug-in-system

configuration ENV system


The ENT and ENV modules can be placed individually in the casing. The casing can be delivered as a 19" rack mount. Depending on the application, several amplifier modules can be combined with one ENT power supply module into a single casing.

For each application, piezosystem jena provides the most cost effective solution for the highest precision positioning systems.

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