Z-axis piezo stage PZ 250 SG


  • accurate parallel z-axis motion
  • up to 350µm motion range in open loop/ 250µm in closed loop
  • without mechanical play
  • easy integration into microscopes because of varying footprints
  • threaded holes for easy mounting of probes and components
  • high dynamic range

The piezo translation stage series PZ 250 are designed for sub-nm precise positioning and scanning movement of probes under a microscope. The footprint of these stages matches the dimensions of the standard microscope stages e.g. Nikon, Olympus or Zeiss.

With a travel range of 250 µm in z-axis, the system reaches a superior positioning resolution. The z-axis piezo stage fulfills the highest demand in accuracy and acceleration for scanning application in combination with an integrated closed loop system. As a z-axis elevator stage, the piezo actuator inside lifted loads with a weight of 300g up without compromising either speed or settling time.

The PZ 250 series is equipped with a high resolution feedback sensor. The position is permanently controlled during movement. The piezo electric actuator based PZ 250 z-axis elevator stage achieves outstanding parameters for positioning accuracy and repeatability also while loaded with a mass.

The elements of the series PZ 250 are made for integration into standard microscope stands. They are available with different footprints according to the used type of microscope. They can be plug in into the open frame of the motorized microscopy stage. For controlling the programmable digital piezo driver digital piezo driver 30DV50 (part. no.: E-754-300) with PC interface is recommended. Free test & controlling software for the 30DV50 is available for download.

PZ 250 SG - Z axis piezo elevator stage

Piezo z-stage for NIKON

PZ 250 SG for NIKON LV 3x2

Z axis Stage for Microscopes for Scan 100 x 100

PZ 250 SG for Scan 100 x 100

PZ 250 SG assemble on NIKON LV 150

PZ 250 SG assemble on NIKON LV 150

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