Wafer positioner PZ 250 CAP WL


  • positioning in millisecond range
  • steps in single figure nanometer range
  • stable positioning of a few nanometers
  • very high repeatability


  • semiconductor and solar industry
  • lithography
  • display manufacturing
  • surface structuring
  • surface inspection
  • chip verification
  • verification of conductive paths
  • measurement systems
  • quality control
  • bonding technology


  • vacuum clamping technology
  • vacuum version
  • active tilt correction

The wafer positioner PZ 250 CAP WL makes the precise positioning of wafers of all kind with diameters up to 12”. In closed loop control a motion in Z-direction of 250 µm is reachable. In this travel range steps in single figured nanometer area can be achieved. This position can be hold with the same precision. The angle error of the wafer positioner PZ 250 CAP WL is in the lower single figure µrad area. Therfore the PZ 250 CAP WL is well suited for applications like semiconductor and solar energy, lithography, surface inspection etc.

Wafer Positioner PZ250 CAP WL

Wafer Positioner PZ250 CAP WL

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