Z-axis nano positioner PZ 16


  • z-axis elevator stage
  • motion up to 16 microns
  • stage design with top/bottom plate
  • nanometer resolution
  • easy adjustment
  • for dynamic applications
  • high resonant frequency
  • vacuum compatible
  • combinable with other piezo systems


application examples:

  • fiber positioning
  • laser optics
  • scanning systems
  • micromanipulation

Due to the nature of the solid state flexure and parallelogram construction, the z-axis nano positioner PZ 16 can travel without any mechanical play. The PZ 16 piezo elevator stage provides a much higher resolution than is possible with mechanical or electromechanical systems.

Based on the flexure guidance system, the actuator is mechanical pre-loaded. Thus enables the piezo stage to work dynamic. This can be done also with small loads adapted onto the top plate.

The piezo element PZ 16 is equipped with a capacitive measurement system that compensates drift and hysteresis and guarantees sub-nanometer accuracy during positioning.


Z-axis piezo stage PZ 16

Z-axis piezo stage PZ 16

PZ 16 z-axis elevator stage

Recommended Piezo Controller

  • 3-channel controller
  • NV 40/3: for actuators without feedback sensors
  • NV 40/3CLE: for actuators with integrated feedback sensors
  • output current 40 mA per channel permanent
  • signal noise <0.3 mV @ 500 Hz
  • manual control, USB interface

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