Piezo positioner series PXY 100

Multi-dimensional translation stages


  • accurate parallel motion
  • up to 100 µm motion range
  • without mechanical play
  • easily combined with other piezoelectrical systems
  • precison pin holes for accurate adjustment
  • high dynamic range

application examples:

  • optics, fiber positioning, laser techniques
  • precision adjustment in scientific work
  • 2D scanning systems
  • automation

Solid state hinges in parallelogram construction provide parallel motion without mechanical play in the x and y directions. These construction principles result in a very high resolution which far surpasses the resolution of mechanical and electromechanical positioning systems.

The nano positioners PXY 100 series can be easily mounted to other positioning systems and can be equipped with measurement devices (strain gauge) that overcome the effect of hysteresis.
Dynamic operation is possible. The nano positioners PXY 100 are very well suited for solving scanning problems.

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