XY Nano positioner series PXY D12


  • motion up to 200 µm in x- and y-directions
  • high resonant frequency
  • element for z-motion
  • positioning sensor for feedback control
  • option: optimization for minimum noise in z-direction


  • Scanning systems
  • STM and AFM microscopy
  • wafer handling
  • electronics & robotics

The piezo positoning elements of the PXY D12 scanner series were developed for STM and AFM applications. This nano positioner is optimized for high resonant frequencies and high stiffness in both axes. The design is made for best results in typical line scanning application, where a quick and precise line movement and positioning is required.

Especially the short settling time after a jump or a change of position was a key point during design and development of these products. Piezo based electrical actuators and piezomechanic stages are well known for high resolution movement and long term positioning stability.

For special applications, the nano-positioner can be optimized for minimum deviation in the z-direction while moving in the x- and y- directions (part no. S-605-30).

The optional piezo elements PZ 8 D12 and PZ 20 D12 complement the PXY D12 elements with a motion of 8 µm or 20 µm, respectively, in the z-direction. These stages can be equipped with a positioning feedback sensor for closed loop control. Vacuum and cryogenic versions are available as well.

Series PXY D12

Serie PXY D12

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> What means closed loop operation?

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