series PXY 36


  • accurate parallel motion
  • XY motion 36um motion range
  • movement without any mechanical play
  • direct piezo movement
  • high dynamic range
  • integrated preload for dynamical use


  • lens positioning
  • 2D-scanning systems
  • beam alignment
  • semiconductor
  • micro manipulation

The XY axis flexure piezo positioning stage of the series PXY 36 are ideally suited for nm-precise positioning of large optic components such as mirrors and lenses, adjustment and mounting in semiconductor technologies and electronics, applications in prototyping technologies and quality assurance as well as microbiology. The micro positioner's travel range per axis is 36microns. The design of the piezo engineering FEA modeled flexure hinges enables the stage to reach shortest settling time and reduces the lateral run out in z-axis down to a few nanometers. The multiaxis piezo electric nano positioning stages PXY can be controlled with each piezo amplifier from piezosystem jena.

With the use of a control signal, the X and Y-axis can be controlled separately. For the PXY 36 systems, the advantages of parallel kinematics have been implemented. Settling and resettling forces are actively generated by the stage design principle. As opposed to other actuating systems, all actuators affect the same moving plate and share one fixed point. Thus the resonant frequency is improved significantly. Furthermore, both moving axes provide identical dynamic behavior. Also, the systems may be specially prepared for vacuum and/or cryogenic applications

PXY 36

picture: PXY 36 CAP

picture: PXY 36 CAP

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