Piezo stages for movements in two directions - series PXY 102


  • 2D nano positioning stage
  • central opening 40 mm
  • XY motion range 100 µm
  • optional integrated feedback sensors
  • motion without mechanical play
  • highest positioning resolution
  • stage design for microscopy platforms
  • high resonant frequency precise for line scanning application

application examples:

  • AFM and microscopy
  • micromanipulation
  • cantilever adjustment
  • probe scanners
  • wafer stepper and lithographic


The 2D piezo stages series PXY 102 are extremely compact and offer motions of up to 100 µm in open loop in XY axes. The unique cube like mechanical design allows parallel motion without play. They are well suited for many applications reaching from optical research to OEM systems. Probe alignment in microscopes usually requires an open center space (e.g. for the passage of light). The 2D PXY 102 with their central aperture of 40 mm were developed considering such applications. High stiffness, in combination with excellent straightness of motion, make the PXY 102 ideal for high precision in the nano meter range for optics, laser technique, and any other type of high resolution positioning applications.

Piezo electrical actuators can work much faster, and with a higher accuracy to a signal change, than any motorized drive available. Each axis can be controlled separately in closed loop mode. An integrated sensor system is an available option that guarantees accuracy in the nanometer range. The simultaneous motion, available in XY directions, offers a large degree of freedom during use. The PXY 102 can be made with special materials for extraordinary applications such as vacuum or cryogenic applications.

PXY 102

PXY 102

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