Long Distance Linear Actuator PX 500

Product Highlights:

  • Travel range: 500 µm
  • Integrated preload for dynamical use
  • OEM modul with small dimensions
  • High resolution piezo actuating system

Application Examples:

  • Scanning systems
  • Precision engineering
  • Automation
  • Optics, fiber optics
  • Micromanipulation

The PX 500 linear actuator was developed especially for OEM applications. Without external loads, the piezoelectric element can reach a motion of 500 µm. The PX 500 piezo flexure stage is especially suited for system integration due to its small dimension. The construction is based on solid state hinges that provide a levered transmission of the piezo elements.

The positioners are ideally suited for micro positioning optic components, such as mirrors and laser diodes, or for opening and closing micro fluid valves. 

The PX 500 piezo stage has very compact dimensions.
The element can be mounted to a fixture using one of the holes (with a diameter of 2.2 mm). The other hole will move in relation to this one.

For longer travel range up to 1500 µm, please visit PX 1500.

Piezosystem jena Piezo Positioning Stage PX 500

Piezo Positioning Stage PX 500

Recommended Piezo Controller

  • 1-channel piezo amplifier 12V40
  • Manual and external controlling
  • Pin board on the back plane
  • Robust and high realibility
  • 12 V or 24 V DC main supply
  • Signal noise < 0.3 mVRMS
  • Optional SG or CAP sensor module

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