X-Axis Nanopositioning Stage PX 100


  • Motion without any mechanical play
  • Motion up to 100 µm
  • nm closed loop resolution
  • Integrated lever transmission
  • Easy adjustment
  • Integrated preload for highly dynamic applications

Application Examples:

  • Fiber positioning, laser optics
  • Scanning systems
  • Micromanipulation


  • Can be equipped with integrated measurement systems that compensate for hysteresis

Due to the nature of the solid state flexure and parallelogram construction, these stages can travel without any mechanical play in the x and z axes, and provide a much higher resolution than is possible with mechanical or electromechanical systems.

The PX and PZ series stages can be easily combined with XY and tilting piezoelectric modules to give positioning with all degrees of freedom.

The PX stages can be equipped with integrated measurement systems that compensate for hysteresis. Depending on the system configuration, they achieve very accurate repeatability in the low nanometer range.
Because of integrated preload, the elements are able to perform dynamic work. Therefore, they are well suited for scanning applications in optics, semiconductor, and molecular biological applications.

Piezo Positioner X-Axis PX 100

Single Axis Piezostage PX 100

Single Axis Piezostage PX 100

Recommended Piezo Controller

  • 1-channel controller with compact design
  • Open and closed loop operation
  • Strain gage or capacitive sensor controller
  • RS 232 Interface (9-pol. D-Sub)
  • Display shows V or µm
  • Memory-function
  • Actuator exchanging without recalibration


PX 100

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