X Translation Stage: PU 40 – Adjusting Range of 40 µm


  • High stability
  • High resolution in nm- and sub-nm range
  • Motion up to 40 µm
  • Motion without any mechanical play
  • Easy and universal adjustment
  • Integrated pre-load for dynamic motion
  • High resonant frequency
  • Combinable with other PU piezo systems
  • Universal application for 1D, 2D, and 3D systems
  • Vacuum compatible version

Application Examples:

  • Fiber positioning, laser optics
  • Scanning systems
  • Micromanipulation
  • Valve technology

The actuators series PU consist of only one metallic part. This means that they exhibit excellent mechanical stability and can work dynamically.
This translation stage shows a nearly linear motion by an applied voltage signal from -20 up to 130 V.
The piezo stages of the series PU can be combined for XYZ 3D motion systems. The basic flexure stage is equipped with the threads for mounting. Each piezo system is supplied with the necessary screws and parts for a multi axes configuration.

PU 40 Series

PU 40 and PU 90

PU 40 and PU 90

PU series - Example for XYZ assembling

PU series - Example for XYZ assembling

Recommended Piezo Controller

  • 1-channel controller with compact design
  • Open and closed loop operation
  • Strain gage or capacitive sensor controller
  • RS 232 Interface (9-pol. D-Sub)
  • Display shows V or µm
  • Memory-function
  • Actuator exchanging without recalibration


PU 40

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