3-Axes Piezo Positioner TRITOR 100


  • Highly compact design results in superior performance
  • Accurate parallel motion by parallelogram design
  • High reliability due to solid state hinges
  • Motion without mechanical play
  • High resolution in nm and sub-nm range
  • Motion up to 100 µm
  • Precision pin holes
  • Size: 40 x 40 x 34 mm

Piezosystem Jena was the first company to offer compact 3D piezo nano positioning stages worldwide. The dimensions of 40 x 40 x34 mm, like a cube and a parallel XYZ motion range of 100 µm per axis make the TRITOR 100 one of the smallest 3D piezo stage available on the market. The unique cube design of the flexure guiding system allows for excellent usability with zero friction. With a combination of high stiffness and excellent straightness of motion, the three-axes piezo positioner TRITOR series is an ideal solution for high precision positioning in the nanometer range for fiber alignment, laser-technique, and many other micro positioning tasks.


Piezoelectrical actuator can act much faster, and with a higher accuracy, than any motorized drive available. The resolutions of piezoelectrical drive are only limited by the signal noise of the control system. Therefore, these nanopositioning stages are an excellent choice for positioning applications in fiber alignment, optics, wafer handling, medical equipment. Dynamic scan applications are a typical utilization for the piezo elements of the TRITOR 100 series. The simultaneous motion, available in XYZ directions, offers large freedom during use. All piezo stages in the TRITOR series can be made with special materials for extraordinary applications such as vacuum or cryogenic applications.

The piezo elements TRITOR 100 are constructed like a cube, with a top and a bottom plate. Through holes are used for fixing the positioning system which is important for all dynamic applications. On the top plate there are several pin holes and threaded holes for the mounting of external components. The three dimensional piezo elements are built with reliable piezo stack actuators, with a flexible insulation that is well suited for a high dynamic burden.



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