MicroTRITOR - World's Smallest 3-Dimensional Piezo Positioner


  • Highly compact design results in superior performance
  • Accurate parallel motion by parallelogram design
  • Lowest settling time
  • Motion without mechanical play
  • High resolution in sub-nm range
  • Motion up to 9 µm
  • Outside dimensions: 15x15x15 mm³ [0.5906 inch³]


  • AFM-Microscopy
  • Beam-Alignment
  • Cryogenic Application (use in ultra low temperatures)
  • Microfluid-Technology

piezosystem jena's unique three-dimensional piezo stage microTRITOR elements are extremely compact and offer parallel motion without play due to the mechanical design. Despite the minimal dimensions, motion of up to 9 µm in all three axes can be realized. The resolution is in the sub-nm range.

The three-dimensional piezo stages microTRITOR can be easily combined with other mechanical or electromagnetic positioning systems resulting in positioning systems with the highest resolutions. Due to their design, TRITOR elements are suitable for dynamic applications.

MicroTRITOR - Smallest 3-Axis-Piezo-Positioner

MicroTRITOR - Smallest 3-Axis-Piezo-Positioner

MicroTRITOR vacuum compatible

MicroTRITOR vacuum compatible

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