Stack Type Actuators Series PHL

Characteristics PHL Series Characteristics:

  Motion up to 103 µm
  no mechanical preload
 High stiffness of up to 175 N/µm
Blocking force up to 3500 N
 msec Response Time
 sub-nm Resolution

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Stack Type Actuator Series PHL

Stack Type Actuator Series PHL



The actuators of the series PHL are based on stack type actuators built up in multilayer technique. Based on the large ceramic size, the PHL series of actuators have high blocking forces in the kilo-N range. This feature enables the PHL series to move large masses and generate high forces. Therefore they are ideally suitable for applications in the machine tool industry.


The resolution PHL series is in the sub-nanometer range and is only limited by the control signal noise. These actuators are not preloaded and therefore not suitable for dynamic applications.


Actuators should only be fastened with screws or clamps on the bottom plate of the actuator. During the installation and use, it is important not to subject the actuator tip to non axial forces.
Actuators without pre-load are not suitable for dynamic applications. For dynamic applications, please choose series PAHL.

Applications (examples):

  • micropositioning of heavy loads
  • laser and mirror movement
  • beam adjustment
  • laser tuning
  • nanotechnology
  • microlithography

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