High Load Stack Type Series PAHL

Characteristics PAHL Series Characteristics:

  Motion up to 200 µm
  Highly dynamic
 High stiffness of up to 165 N/µm
Blocking force up to 3500 N
 msec Response Time
 sub-nm Resolution

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Stack Type Actuator Series PAHL

Stack Type Actuator Series PAHL



The PAHL series of actuators consists of high number of piezoelectrical plates. Based on their large size, they are ideally suited for high loads. They have high blocking forces and can move large masses. Due to the integrated mechanical pre-load, they can work under tensile forces and work well in dynamic applications. Their high resonant frequency guarantee fast setting times. These actuators are useful for applications with precision mechanics, valve technologies and other fields, where high resolutions and high forces are critical.


The resolution PAHL series is in sub-nanometer range and is limited only the signal noise. As an option, these actuators are available with strain gage sensors for motion control. The pre-loaded stack type actuator is designed for dynamical use.

A note on mounting these actuators:

Actuators are normally fastened with screws or clamps to the bottom plate. If the top plate has a torque nut, it should be used when securing screws in order to avoid damage to the actuator.

Please avoid tensile forces greater than the given preload!

Applications (examples):

  • Wafer alignment
  • Micropositioning
  • Scanning
  • Mirror tilting
  • Vibration generation and cancellation
  • Injection valve control; nanometrology

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