Stack Type Actuators Without Mechanical Preload – Series P

Characteristics P Series Characteristics:

  Motion up to 82 µm
  Sub-nm resolution           
High stiffness up to 210 N/µm
Blocking force up to 850 N
 Milliseconds rise time
 Compact Design

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Stack Type Actuators Series P

Stack Type Actuators Series P



The series P of actuators are based on stack type actuators made by the multilayer technology. They come without a mechanical pre-load, but they still can withstand medium pressure forces. They should be used only in static applications. The piezo stack is encased in stainless steel housing with the top and bottom epoxide to eliminate mechanical play. To protect the ceramic multilayer actuator, they are filled with flexible silicon rubber material. The multilayer stack actuator provides sub-millisecond response and sub-nanometer resolution.


As an option these actuators are available with strain gage sensors for motion control. This option will increase the outside diameter by 2mm.The accuracy will be increased to <0.5%.


Actuators should be fastened with screw or clamps on the bottom plate of the actuator. During installation and use, it is important not to subject the actuator tip to non axial forces. Actuators without pre-load are not suitable for dynamic application. 

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