Stack Type Series PA/T

Eigenschaften  PA/T Series Characteristics:

  Motion up to 105 µm
  Highly dynamic
 High stiffness of up to 20 N/µm
Blocking force up to 850 N
 msec Rise Time
 sub-nm Resolution

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Stack Type Actuator Series PA/T

Stack Type Actuator Series PA/T



The stack type actuators of the PA/T series are based on the standard PA series. The special feature is the outside threading of M14 to mount the actuator that helps to precisely adjust its position.

These actuators are mechanically preloaded to make them ideal for dynamic applications. The ball tip end plate allows movement of components without shear stress on the ceramic inside. All these features make them ideally suitable for screwing into mechanical stages for precise adjustment of other optical components such as mirrors.

To overcome the effect of drift and hysteresis, the actuator can be equipped with a high resolution strain gauge feedback sensor. The typical accuracy is within the nanometer range.

Please avoid tensile forces greater than the given preload!

Applications (examples):

  • Nano positioning
  • Optical adjustment
  • Laser fine tuning
  • Mirror adjustment
  • Mirror positioning
  • Vibration generation and cancellation
  • Injection valve control 




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