Ring Actuators Series R/RA

Characteristics R/RA Series Characteristics:

  Motion up to 50 µm
  Free aperture (9 - 14 mm)
 msec Responsetime
Blocking force up to 4000 N
 Version with sensor avaliable
 sub-nm Resolution

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Stack Type Actuator Series R/RA

Stack Type Actuator Series R/RA


RA 12/24 SG (part. P-401-11)

RA 12/24 SG (part. P-401-11)

Applications (examples):

  • Micro positioning
  • Laser beam steering
  • Scanning systems for atomic force microscopes
  • Piezoelectric pumps
  • Fiber positioning
  • Laser tuning

Piezoelectric ring actuators consist of a large number of contacted ceramic discs. Compared with the tube actuator, the ring actuator reaches a higher stiffness and the expansion is twice as high.
The ring actuator is available with (series RA) and without (series R) housing. The actuator without housing is only connected at the ceramic top and ground plate. The actuator with housing is fastened with screws at the drill hole. Ring actuators without housing can only be used in dynamic applications with additional preload.

Ring actuators from the RA series are available with a strain gauge feedback sensor upon request.

Please ask for a screwing top plate for easy mounting of mirrors.

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