ROTOR - Rotation Stage

Characteristics – ROTOR - Rotary Stage

  Rotary stroke up to 11 mrad

icon dynamical performance  High dynamical performance

icon centered rotary axis Centered rotary axis

 Resolution open loop 0.02 µrad

 3 mm free aperture

icon temperature compensation Temperature compensation

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piezoelectric rotary stage

piezo stage – ROTOR

Piezoelectric Rotary Stage - Summary

The piezoelectric based rotary stages ROTOR 10 and the ROTOR 10 SG, one axis low voltage rotary stages are a development within our ultra-fast ROTOR line. The piezo element provides a long steering and scanning range of up to 11 mrad. Key feature for all piezomechanically driven stages is the nearly unlimited position resolution. The well defined axis of rotation is centrically located. An incorporated free aperture makes these stages useful for axial beam applications.

The piezo stage series ROTOR 10 is not limited for the use as a positioning instrument for physics only. More and more the piezo based ROTOR stages are common for applications in the field of high precision positioning of instrument for biological systems like needle adjustment or fiber alignement.

Due to FEA-optimization, these stages meet the highest dynamical performance and high planar guiding accuracy. This is accomplished even with high mass loads in a compact package.
Our optimization also incorporates excellent temperature compensation properties for the stage. The sophisticated monolithic guidance design of the solid flexure hinges means the trajectory is free of mechanical play and friction - a feature provided by all stages of Piezosystem Jena.

For the piezo stage controller we recommend to use the digital piezo amplifier unit 30DV50 or the analog nanoX piezo amplifier series ENV.

Applications for piezo stages:

  • Fiber alignment
  • Precision adjustment for biological instruments
  • Material sciences/crystallography
  • Laser beam steering

Rotary Drive/Rotation Stage with continuous movement around its axis

rotary stage by piezosystem jena

Rotary stage

piezosystem jena offers also rotary stages with continuous movement around its axis.

You can find these piezo-driven long travel devices wich are combinable with nanopositioning drives as well under Motion Control.

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