Fiber Grippy

Piezo-Gripper Fiber Grippy


  • Variable gap shape design
  • Adjustable grip force
  • Accurate and high speed motion


  • Micro optics manipulation
  • Fiber optics assembly
  • Precision mounting and adjusting
  • Biological sample manipulation


  • Gripper shape per customer request

The piezogripper was designed for microsystems handling applications.
The accurate and high speed motion of a piezoactuator is transformed by the levered transmission of a solid state hinge joint to a 300 µm opening of the gripper gap.

Because of the compact dimensions, the piezogripper is ideally suited for OEM applications. The grip force depends on the spring used.

All kinds of handling and manipulation of small parts in research labs or industry are potential applications of the piezogripper.

> recommended controller for the piezogripper


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