High Speed Positioner NanoX 240 SG

NanoX 240 SG 45°

NanoX 240: view from side

NanoX 240: view from side

NanoX 240: view from above

NanoX 240: view from above

High Speed Inspection of Cylinder Heads


  • 240 µm range of motion
  • Integrated position encoder
  • Excellent guidance accuracy
  • High level of dynamics
  • 0.4 nm resolution
  • Beam deflection in different angles
  • Temperature–compensated


  • Cylinder head inspection system

The one-axis linear positioning stage NanoX 240 SG is a development within the ultra-fast NanoX®-line. Due to FEA-optimization the stage achieves the highest dynamical performance and excellent guiding accuracy even under high loads.
The sophisticated monolithic guidance design of the solid flexure hinges means the trajectory is free from mechanical play and friction, a feature of all psj stages. Also, the NanoX and NanoSX systems are temperature compensated, while changing the environmental temperature the stage keeps its position.

The highest positioning accuracy, stability, linearity and reproducibility are achieved in closed loop operation.

The digital amplifier/controller from piezosystem jena allows additional feature in-situ and dynamical set up of PID parameters, slew rate and notch filter band width. The mechanical resonance can be found using the built in wobble generator. The notch filter set up eliminates undesired frequencies from the output voltage, such as the stage’s resonant frequency.

So you can easily adapt the set up depending on the current load scenario and optimize the per-formance of the system.

The NanoX comes in different sizes and with different deflection angles.

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