Piezo Mirror Tilting and Scanning Platform PSH 4/1


  • > 6.5 kHz resonant frequency
  • Sub-µrad resolution
  • Smallest size piezo scanner
  • 1-axis +/- tilting platform
  • Tilting range of 4 mrad
  • Fixed pivot point
  • Diameter: 12 mm; height: 20 mm (without mirror)


  • Laser beam steering
  • Laser stabilization
  • Scanning
  • Medical engineering


The piezo-electrical mirror tilting systems of the piezo mirror tilting and scanning platforms PSH 4/1 series are made for ultra fast positioning tasks with nanometer accuracy. They are especially suited for beam steering, scanning applications, vibration control, beam alignment, and beam tracking tasks. The piezo-electric actuator based mirror tilting platform, PSH 4/1, was developed as an ultra fast scanning system for kHz frequencies. The miniature sized system is based on two active actuators. It provides ± tilting with a total travel range of up to 4 mrad. Because of the internal preload, the system shows a very short settling time and the resonant frequency is greater than 6.5 kHz when unloaded.
Because of the special flexure hinge design (FEA calculated) the system is free of friction and mechanical play. The piezo mirror tilting and scanning platforms PSH 4/1 is available in cryogenic and vacuum versions as well. Optical components (e.g. mirrors) can be mounted onto the top plate directly.


Recommended Controller Units:

  • Fully digital control via d-Drive controller: 30DV50 
  • For analoge control OEM amplifier unit: 30V300nanoX

PSH 4/1

PSH 4/1

PSH 4/1

PSH 4/1

PSH 4/1 bottom

PSH 4/1

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