Tip/Tilt Steering Mirror Platform PSH 25 OEM for Different Applications


  • Sub-µrad resolution
  • Tilting range of up to ±20 mrad (open loop) and ±16 mrad (closed loop)
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for dynamical applications


  • Laser scanning
  • Laser beam stabilization
  • Image processing and stabilization
  • Optical filters/ switches
  • Scanning microscopy (SPM)


The PSH25 (SG) OEM is a new development in the tip/tilt piezo steering mirror platforms PSH series offered by Piezosystem Jena. The series PSH serves the fast and precise positioning of optical components. Mirrors or prisms can be positioned in the mrad range at up to several hundreds of kilohertz.

The tip/tilt steering mirror platform PSH25 (SG) OEM is characterized by the positioning of optical components in two axes. A tilting range of up to ±20 mrad (open loop)/ ±16 mrad (closed loop) is available. Another key feature is the easy exchange of different optical components.

The tilting system PSH25 (SG) OEM can be equipped with an integrated positioning sensor. Positions can be controlled very exactly and a previously established tilt range can be set, and reproducible.

Optics and optical components in various sizes can be mounted on this tilting system.




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