Piezo Tip/Tilting Systems PSH 15/1 & PSH 30/1


  • ±7.5 mrad, ±15 mrad tilting angle resp.
  • High step resolution (0.03 µrad)
  • Excellent guidance accuracy
  • ± tilting
  • 1" mirror mounting area


  • Precision beam alignment
  • Optics
  • Laser technology
  • Lithography
  • Metrology
  • Printing industry

The piezo tip/tilting systems PSH 15/1 and PSH 30/1 of the PSH series have been developed for fast and precise positioning of optical mirrors.

The FEM-calculated systems have been especially developed for 1" components.

The piezo tip/tilting systems are based on Piezosystem Jena's approved nanoX® design. This sophisticated gear design of the nanoSX and nanoX® series stands out with its bi-directional actuation and features an active push/pull-force. Basic features of these high performance piezo actuators are very high stiffness and resonance frequency. These features give the systems the capability to move heavy loads in a highly dynamic manner.

The bi-directional gear design makes the systems very robust and non-sensitive against external forces. The components which are to be moved can be glued directly onto the top plate and can be mounted using an adapter plate respectively.

PSH 15/1 & PSH 30/1

PSH 15/1 & PSH 30/1
PSH 15/1 & PSH 30/1

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