Mirror Tilting Systems

Characteristics Mirror Tilting Systems Series Characteristics:

  • Fast triple actuator tilting platform for mirrors and other components up to 50 mm in diameter
  • Different tilting angles
  • Plus/minus tilting
  • kHz resonant frequency
  • Sub-µrad resolution
  • Additional z-axis piston movement
  • Optional position feedback sensor
  • Space application tested
  • Can be combined with other translation systems

Animation PSH 1-4

Animation PSH x/2

Product Overview Mirror Tilting Systems

PSH 1 to PSH 4 Mirror Tilting Systems
Tilt range: 1 - 4 mrad (PSH 4)
Max. frequency: up to 5.8 kHz
For mirrors and optics with max. size 2"
Option: integrated feedback sensor system
Fast tip/tilting piezo platform

PSH 8 - Mirror Tilting Systems
Tilt range of 8 mrad, 2 moving axes
Max. frequency up to  1.2 kHz
For mirrors and optics
Option: integrated feedback sensor system
Fast tip/tilting piezo platform

PSH 4/1 - Piezo Mirror Tilting Platform
1-axis ± tilting platform; tilt: 4 mrad
Resonant frequency > 6.5 kHz
Fixed pivot point; height only 20 mm
System made for real time beam alignment 

PSH 5/2 or PSH10/2 Mirror Tilt Platform
2-axis ± tilting platform;
Tilt: ± 2 mrad PSH5/2; ±4 mrad PSH10/2
Orthogonal tilting axes; fixed pivot point;
Option: integrated feed back sensor
Tilting platform for high dynamic application

PSH 15/1 and PSH 30/1 Mirror Tilting Systems
Mirror tilting platform; 1 axis
Tilt range: ±7.5 mrad and ±15 mrad
For larger mirrors and components
Large tilting range for beam alignment

PSH 25 OEM - Mirror Tilting Platform
2 active axes tilt
Tilt range: 20 mrad, mechanical
For small and lightweight mirrors
Large tilting range for beam alignment

PSH 35 - Mirror Tilting Platform
Mirror tilting platform; 1 axis tilt
Tilt range: 35 mrad (2°) mechanical
For small and lightweight mirrors
Typical control frequency: 500 Hz
Large tilting range for beam alignment

PKS 1 - 2-Axes Mirror Mount System
Compact system for 2 orthogonal axes
Tilt: Piezo 1 mrad; mechan. presetting: ±2°
High resonant frequency; vaccum version
Seperate versions for 1/2" and 1" mirror
Compact mirror tilting unit for OEM


System Overview:

 Description Active Axes Tilting Angle* (mrad) Z-Motion (µm)
PSH 1theta x,y,z1 / -8
PSH 1 SGtheta x,y,z1 / 0.88
PSH 2theta x,y,z2 / -18
PSH 2 SGtheta x,y,z2 / 1.618
PSH 3theta x,y,z3 / -26
PSH 3 SGtheta x,y,z3 / 2.426
PSH 4theta x,y,z4 / -33
PSH 4 SGtheta x,y,z4 / 3.233
PSH 8theta x,y8 / --
PSH 8 SGtheta x,y8 / 6.4-
PSH 35theta x35 / --
PSH 35 SGtheta x35 / 25-
PSH 4/1theta x± 2-
PSH 15/1theta x± 7.5-
PSH 30/1theta x± 15-
PSH 5/2theta x,y± 2-
PSH 5/2 SGtheta x,y± 2-
PSH 10/2theta x,y± 4-
PSH 10/2 SGtheta x,y± 4-
PSH 25 OEMtheta x,y± 20/16-

* different versions available - please see detailed product data sheet

Further systems available upon request.


The mirror tilting systems (PSH series) consist of a variety of elements for high speed scanning and mirror shifting. The fast movement of mirror and other optical components, in particular, make the PSH series well suited for many applications such as high speed scanning, eye tracking, laser beam steering, etc.

The key features of the mirror tilting systems include a high resonant frequency in the kHz range and nearly unlimited resolution in the sub-nm range.

The principle of preloaded direct driven actuators allows the systems of the PSH series to be used for the precise positioning of heavy components as well. Long term stability without drift and hysteresis are guaranteed by the use of the optional integrated position feedback sensors.

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