nanoMIPOS 400 - Piezo-Focus-Objective-Positioner

Piezoelectric Objective Lens Positioning System

• 400 µm adjustment range
• nm resolution
• Compact design
• Bidirectional nanoX® gear design
• High resonant frequency
• Easy to fix onto microscopes

The nanoMIPOS 400 CAP was developed for finely adjusting micro objectives. The maximum motion is 400µm. The resolution of the system is in the nm range. The special bidirectional nanoX® gear design offers an outstanding guidance accuracy without parasitic motion. External vibrations, for example those generated by a motor-driven microscope tripod, have almost no effect on the exact positioning of the system, even down to the nm range. This is thanks to an integrated damping system and a very high proper resonance. The integrated positioning sensors guarantee long term stable positioning fidelity, free of drift.

As with all MIPOS systems from piezosystem jena, the nanoMIPOS 400 CAP can be used for all current types of threads from W0.8x1/36" across M25x0.75 to M32x0.75 by a thread-flex-adapter.

nanoMIPOS 400 with Objective

nanoMIPOS 400

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