Objective Lens Positioner MIPOS LFA (Lens Flex Adapter)

Piezoelectric Objective Lens Positioning System with Flex Adapter for easy Mounting and Micro Lens Changing

  • Up to 500 µm adjustment range
  • Thread size W0.8x1/36" to M 27x0.75
  • Easy to fix onto microscopes by Flex-Adapter
  • Quick lens exchanging by Lens Flex Adapter 
  • Independency of any threading types and brands
  • Universal use

The Lens Flex Adapter system is made for simple and quick lens objective exchanging on piezoelectric focus units from the MIPOS series. In order to provide the user with the freedom to use a MIPOS system along with a wide variety of micro lenses, independent of the brand of the lens, we now offer the MIPOS series in the new LFA version.

The objective positioner MIPOS LFA units offer a focusing range up to 500 µm with sub-nanometer accuracy. All systems of the MIPOS series are available with an integrated feedback sensor system which guarantees full drift compensation and long term stability.

In addition to the flex adapter on the microscope side of the objective positioner MIPOS, we now offer the Lens Flex Adapter which is the counterpart for the lens side. The Lens Flex Adapter provides quick lens exchanging which saves time and costs, especially for users working in a laboratory setting.

Specials: By locking and unlocking the screws on the side of the MIPOS body, the micro objective lens can be assembled and disassembled similarly to the mounting of a MIPOS series unit onto the microscope nose piece via flex adapter. The flex adapter thread rings for the nose piece and the Lens Flex Adapter are available separately. They allow for fast mounting and exchanging of the MIPOS system on the microscope without removing other objectives. These Flex-Adapters are available for all standard microscopes and allow the MIPOS LFA series to be universally applicable.


MIPOS LFA Piezo focus system


Piezo focus system with flex adapters

MIPOS LFA configuration

MIPOS LFA ordering example

The piezo objective focus system MIPOS LFA consists of 3 different parts which need to be ordered separately. 

Please see the example for a MIPOS LFA unit with 500 µm travel range and integrated closed loop feedback sensor enclosed.
The MIPOS LFA should be mounted on a microscope with a threading size of W0.8x1/26” at the revolver. The used micro objective shows a threading size of M25x0.75 mm.

Ordering example:

1. Selection Flex Adapter for W0.8x1/36” part no.: O-304-11
2. Selection of MIPOS 500 SG part no.: O-350-01-LFA
3. Selection Lens Flex Adapter M25x0.75 part. no. O-303-99

All part numbers are give on page 2 of the data sheet: MIPOS LFA

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