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Parfocal Spacer Ring
To set all micro objectives at the same focal distance as the objective with the MIPOS, Piezosystem Jena offers a wide range of spacer rings. No focus adjustment will be needed by turning the nosepiece. Spacer rings are available in different thread sizes and extension lengths according to the mechanical size of the used piezo focus device of the MIPOS series.

Parfocal Spacer Ring
MIPOS Zubehör

MIPOS Thread Adapter
To use several micro lenses with different thread sizes along with a MIPOS system, a various number of threading adapters are available. Exchanging the threading adapters is really simple. With each MIPOS system you receive a special screw driver for easy assembling. We recommend ordering a MIPOS system with an M32x0.75 inside thread if your specific application requires the use of several lens diameters since it's easier to reduce the threading diameter from M32x0.75.

MIPOS Thread Adapter
MIPOS Zubehör

MIPOS Flex Adapter
The Flex Adapter is the connection between the microscope nose piece and the piezo focus positioner MIPOS. A “Flex Adapter” for mounting the MIPOS onto the microscope nose piece revolver is supplied with each MIPOS system. The outside thread of the “Flex Adapter” has to be fitted to the thread size of the microscope.  The “Flex Adapter” gives the user the freedom to use one  MIPOS unit flexible with different types of microscopes.

A MIPOS is ordered with threading size M25x0.75. The supplied piezo focus positioner comes with M25x0.75 for the objectiv lens threading and in the shipment a Flex Adapter is included also for M25x0.75. Also the necessary tools (screw driver) for installation the piezo z-axis actuator onto the microscope is included.

Flex Adapter

Table Flex Adapter part numbers

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