Objective Lens Positioning System MIPOS 100

Piezoelectric Objective Lens Positioning System

  • 100 µm adjustment range
  • Thread size W0.8x1/36" to M 27x0.75
  • Easy to fix onto microscopes by Flex-Adapter
  • Very compact design
  • Parallelogram construction
  • High resonant frequency
  • For micro objectives of up to 300 g mass
  • Option: positioning feedback system
  • MIPOS 100 UD is available for inverted microscopy
  • MIPOS 100 PL can be used for either upright or inverted microscopy

The objective lens positioning system MIPOS 100 was developed for finely adjusting micro objectives and object lenses. The maximum motion is 100µm. The resolution of MIPOS 100 is very high and, in practice, only limited by the voltage noise of the power supply.

A special integrated preload design results in the following advantages:

  • Very small angular deviation
  • Highly parallel large range of motion
  • High resonant frequency

All standard threads for Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Olympus etc. are available for the top and bottom sides of the MIPOS 100.

Mounting this system onto the microscope is very easy - screw the Flex-Adapter thread ring into the microscope and mount the lens positioning system on this ring with a screw. Because of the small size, no other threads beside the MIPOS are blocked.

A special version enables to work in an upside down (UD) position on inverted microscopes. These MIPOS systems are designated by "UD".
To avoid drift and hysteresis, the MIPOS is also available with an integrated strain gauge measurement system ("SG").

MIPOS 100 SG Digital

Pic.: MIPOS 100 SG Digital with Lens

Pic.: MIPOS 100 SG Digital with Lens


pic.: MIPOS 100 without lens

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