Positioning for Microscope Objectives - MIPOS R120


  • 130 µm focusing range
  • Precise movement of the lens revolver
  • High resonant frequence
  • Sustainability of up to 3 kg
  • Optional: integrated positioning sensor
  • Different attachments for microscopes from different manufacturers
  • direct integration into microscope possible 


  • Surface analysis
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Interferometry
  • Biotechnology (e.g. cell inspection)
  • Ray focusing for print processes

The MIPOS R120 serves for the fine focusing and positioning of microscope objectives. The MIPOS R120 was especially developed for the positioning of a complete lens revolver of a microscope. It is possible to focus probes with a sub nanometer precision. Due to the well proven parallelogram principle of piezosystem jena and an integrated preload, a highly parallel movement is guaranteed without influencing the optical axis.

Therefore rapid and exact movements can be operated with a short rise time.

Special highlight of the MIPOS R120 is that the operator can switch between the lenses of the objective revolver without changing the set-up, and without losing the focus on the probe. This saves the user a significant amount of time.

The MIPOS R120 provides a positioning range of up to 130 µm and can bear an objective revolver with a total mass of up to 3 kg.

Optionally, special solutions for the integration of the MIPOS R120 in the microscope main body, arm, base etc. can also be offered.

Adapter plates for the mounting of the MIPOS R120 to your existing assembly are easily installed.

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