micrometer screw drive

MICI 80 / 180 / 200 and MICI 140


  • motion up to 250µm
  • high resonant frequency
  • high precision adjustment of linear positioner
  • motion without mechanical play 
  • precise adjustment of heavy loads
  • MICI 180 compatible with series SM13 micrometer
    drives from "NEWPORT"
  • MICI 80 and 200 are compatible with series 152 micrometer drives from "Mitutoyo"
  • MICI 140 compatible with series G micrometer drives from "Qioptiq Photonics"


  • improvement of resolution of linear stages
  • quality control
  • automation
  • fine adjustment of optical components
  • microassembly

2pcs. MICI mounted (incl. micrometer screw) on XY-Scan-Stage from SEMPREX

micrometer screw drive

These elements were originally developed for quality control in the optical industry and they consist of a piezoelectrical actuator in combination with a micrometer screw drive.

The user can first adjust the position of the actuator, and then fine tune this position with the aid of the piezostage. The resolution is in the nm and sub-nm range.

Because of the very robust construction of the element, high load masses can be lifted.

The customer has a choice between different models, with different travel ranges and load capabilities.

descriptiontravel rangecompatible with
MICI 8080 µmseries152 from "Mitutoyo"
MICI 180180 µmseries SM13 from "NEWPORT"
MICI 200250 µmseries 152 from "Mitutoyo"
MICI 140140 µmseries G from "Qioptiq Photonics"

The mechanical interface for the required micrometer drive can be adjusted easily.
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