Fiber Positioning System FAPOS Series

Characteristics FAPOS Series Characteristics:

  • 3D system for fiber positioning/coupling
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • Mechanical linear motion in xyz direction up to 5 mm
  • Optional 3D piezoelectric motion for the highest resolution
  • Accessories (fiber holder, micro objective mount, fiber rotator)



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The fiber positioning system FAPOS series was especially developed for precise positioning of optical components, e.g. fiber coupling/alignment problems. Compact size and a modular design allow flexible and universal applications.

Side A can be adjusted using micrometer drives for mechanical motion in x-, y- and z-directions.

Side B can be equipped with a TRITOR element for the finest piezoelectric motion of up to 100 µm. Please see table below for configuration examples.

Several accessories, such as fiber holders or holders for micro objectives, are available and can be mounted on the top plate on both sides.
The fiber alignment system FAPOS should be the first choice for cost sensitive development in R&D projects.

Configuration Examples
 Side A Side B

 XYZ-3D linear measuring
 stage with micrometer
 screw drive motion
 up to 5 mm; accuracy  <0.5 µm

 XYZ 3D-piezo  stage

 motion: 100 µm;
 accuracy: <30 nm
 XYZ 3D-piezo stage

 motion: 400 µm;
 accuracy: 1 nm
 XYZ, theta, phi,
 5-axes piezo stage

 motion: 100 µm;
 range of tilt:
 +/-2 mrad
 accuracy: 20 nm

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