Nanopositioning Products: Piezo Actuators & Nano Stages

Using the inverse piezoelectric effect of so-called PZT ceramics, the piezo drives (piezo actuator) realize extremely high-resolution nanopositioning. An applied voltage generates an electric field in the ceramic, which leads to an alignment of the structure in the lattice structure of the ceramic.

The resulting change in length is used by piezosystem jena as a drive element. Since the movement is only a fraction of the actual piezo actuator length, it is amplified by a lever system with solid-state joints. Thus piezosystem jena can offer drive and positioning systems, which are characterized by nanometer accurate positioning as well as extremely long travel (up to 1.5 mm).

Overview product range of our piezo actuators

Stack Actuator Without Casing

Piezo Actuators With Casing

Ring Type Piezo Actuators

High Load Actuators - hpower

1-Axis – PU Piezo Stages

X-Axis – PX Piezo Stages

Z-Axis – PZ Piezo Stages

High Load Piezo Stages – nanoX

XY-Axis – PXY Piezo Stages


5-Axis – PENTOR

Piezo Rotary Stage – ROTOR

Lens/Objective Positioner – MIPOS

Mirror Tip/Tilt-Platforms – PSH

Micrometer Screw Drive – MICI

Slit/Shutter Actuator – PZS

Piezo Grippers – GRIPPY

Fiber Positioning 2 times 3D – FAPOS

Our actuators are guaranteed to have a long lifetime, even under high dynamic applications, thanks to the protective flexible multilayer ceramic insulation. More than 24 years of experience using actuators with this special protective insulation make our elements the clear choice in high precision nanopositioning equipment.

Thanks to their unique characteristics in terms of dynamics, force and resolution, piezo-based positioning systems are ideal for many different applications:

  • Valves
  • Laser collimators
  • Micro- and nanopositionig
  • Laser scanning
  • Mirror shifting
  • Fiber alignment
  • Metrology
  • Microlens positioning
  • Screening
  • Microinjection, Patch Clamp
  • Wafer adjustment
  • Semiconductor
  • Beamssteering
  • Material Sciences
  • Lasercoupling
  • Detection

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