Customized fiber optic switches - FSM-customized solution

Customized fiber optic switches are an important part of the product range offered by piezosystem jena. Individually manufactured, the optical switches are designed and developed in close collaboration with the end user. The customer receives a custom tailored solution which guarantees the best results for each application.

Based on a modular system, components are selected in combinations for various special solutions. Housing, fiber type, connector configurations, and control interfaces are all selectable from a wide range of possibilities to meet customer requirements. Fiber optical switches are typically used for spectroscopy and chemical analytics applications.

Using fiber switches is an ideal method of combining different sensor points in just one spectrometer. As a result, the end user derives a cost benefit by directly comparing different optical channels using a single spectrometer/detector system.

All piezosystem jena switches work without any optical components. Hence, there is no dependency on any wavelength. They can be used from the UV up to the IR region. A standard switch configuration comes with one meter fiber length on input and output connectors. Bulkhead connectors are also available. The switch can be controlled by parallel port interface, by RS232, by USB interface, or by Ethernet. Usually the system is very compact and comes in a 19" industrial casing.

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FSM-Customized Solution

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