SCANIUSONE – Moving into a new direction

Characteristics SCANIUSone Characteristics:

  Travel range to 120 mm (other on request)
  High-precision scanning, smallest step 100 nm
   Screw grid 18x M6, 25 mm x 25 mm for your objects
   plane supporting surface for the best orientation
            of your objects
  Speed up to 170 mm/s
  Load capacity up to 20 kg horizontal / 0,7 kg vertical
  No magnetic field generation

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    Concept SCANIUSONE:

    The SCANIUSONE offered by piezosystem jena is designed e. g. for the positioning or scanning of objects over large area up to 120 mm. With this piezo-based system we can provide a solution for your applications with unmatched precision. The combination of high resolution, velocity and motion is suitable for many different applications also beyond microscopy. SCANIUSONE even can achieve precise positioning of objects with masses up to 0.7 kg along the vertical direction.

    Applications (examples):

    • nanopositioning in combination with "long travels"
    • object positioning horizontal and vertical
    • object tuning in a large area

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