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Characteristics SCANIUStwo Characteristics:

  Travel range to 150 mm x 70 mm (other on request)

  High-precision scanning, smallest step 100 nm

   Large aperture for light transmission

   Large aperture for sample holder / slide

  Speed in both axes up to 160 mm/s

  Load capacity up to 3 kg

  No magnetic field generation

Download  Pictures Motion Control

XY Stage nanomotion - Perspective view
XY Stage - Side view

Characteristics Controller LC3 Series Characteristics:

  Three axis linear controller
  High Resolution: varies on encoder e.g. 40 nm 
  USB 2.0 interfaces for PC and Joystick
   Large aperture for sample holder / slide
  Speed in both axes up to 250 mm/s
  Load capacity up to 1 kg
  No magnetic field generation

Download  Pictures

Motion Controller LC3 - Perspective view


Concept XY stage:

The XY stage offered by piezosystem jena is designed e. g. for positioning samples over long travel while maintaining our standard of high precision. With this new two-axes stage piezosystem jena provides a better and more elegant solution for you to work with your samples or objects. The combination of high resolution and easy integration makes this system ideal for a variety of applications.


Concept Controller LC3:

The LC3 controller from piezosystem jena is designed for the operation of nanomotion piezo motors with two operating modes - quasi-static or dynamic positioning applications. The LC3 can be equipped for up to 3 axes and an encoder integrated in the connected stage guarantees a very high positioning accuracy.

A piezo motor can be controlled via PC or joystick over the USB 2.0 interfaces. The parameters of the connected XY stage are automatically read and imported by the LC3 (ASI - Automatic Sensor Identification). This makes it easy to replace both, the controller or the nanopositioning stage system.

Applications (examples):

  • Nanopositioning in combination with "long travels"
  • Objekt adjustment in the longe range of two axes
  • sample positioning

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