physics + material science

Coherent two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy in the Soret band of a chiral porphyrin dimerabstract & downloadPX 200 CAP
Microscopy Upgrade for 3D surface metrologydownloadMIPOS
Active Hair-Bundle Motility by the Vertebrate Hair Cellabstract & downloadPA 100/12
Adaptive Spectrum Analysis for Nanooptical Systemsabstract & downloadPXY 400
Anti-Stokes fluorescence imaging of microscale thermal fields in thin films abstract & downloadZ stage
Characterization of impurity confinement on Alcator C-Mod using a multi-pulse laser blow-off systemabstract & downloadPSH 4
Colloidal aggregates tested via nanoindentation and quasi-simultaneous 3D imagingabstract & downloadPXY 200 SG
Comparative study of the uncertainty of stereoscopic micro-PIV, wavefront-deformation micro-PTV, and standard micro-PIVabstract & downloadPZ 400 SG
Construction of an optical tweezer for nanometer scale rheologyabstract & downloadPXY 200
Coupling a sensory hair-cell bundle to cyber clones enhances nonlinear amplificationabstract & downloadPA 100/12
Electron transmission characteristics of Au/1,4-benzenedithiol/Au junctionsabstract & downloadPA 100/12
Enhanced detection of fluorescent nanospheres using two-channel radially polarized surface plasmon microscopyabstract & downloadTritor 102
External-cavity quantum cascade lasers with fast wavelength scanningabstract & downloadPSH/ mirror tilter
Fabrication and characterization of high quality factor silicon nitride nanobeam cavitiesabstract & downloadTritor 100
Gamma-Radiation-Induced Photodarkening in Unpumped Optical Fibers Doped With Rare-Earth Constituentsabstract & downloadFSM 1by9
In situ characterization of ZnTe epilayer irradiation via time-resolved and power-density-dependent Raman spectroscopyabstract & downloadTritor
Interferometric pump-probe characterization of the nonlocal response of optically transparent ion implanted polymersabstract & downloadnanoX 200
Investigation of Fluorescence Dynamics of BODIPY Embedded in Porous Silicon and Monitoring Formation of a SiO2 Layer via a Confocal FLIM-Based NSET Methodabstract & downloadNV 40/3 CLE
Investigation of the optimal processing parameters for picosecond laser-induced microfabrication of a polymer–ceramic hybrid materialabstract & downloadMIPOS 250 SGEX
Light-assisted deep-trapping of holes in conjugated polymersabstract & downloadMIPOS 100 inverted
Locally Auxetic Behavior of Elastomeric Polypropylene on the 100 nm Length Scaleabstract & downloadd-Drive
A Micro-Pull-Off Test Machine for Reliable Measurement of Adhesive Forces on Micro/Nano-Scale Areasabstract & downloadPZ 38
Mie scattering distinguishes the topological charge of an optical vortex: a homage to Gustav Mieabstract & downloadTritor
A minimally invasive displacement sensor for measuring brain micromotion in 3D with nanometer scale resolutionabstract & downloadTritor 100
Multiple time scale dynamics in the breakdown of superhydrophobicityabstract & downloadMIPOS 500
A probe with ultrathin film deflection sensor for scanning probe microscopy and material characterizationabstract & downloadTritor 100
Quantification of electrical field-induced flow reversal in a microchannelabstract & downloadMIPOS 500
A scanning probe-based pick-and-place procedure for assembly of integrated quantum optical hybrid devicesabstract & downloadPXY 80 D12
A sliding plate microgap rheometer for the simultaneous measurement of shear stress and first normal stress differenceabstract & downloadRA 12/25
Stochastic resonant damping in a noisy monostable system: Theory and experimentabstract & downloadTritor 102
Three-component, three-dimensional velocity measurement technique for microchannel applications using a scanning ?PIVabstract & downloadPZ 100
Ultra fast laser machined hydrophobic stainless steel surface for drag reduction in laminar flowsabstract & downloadMIPOS 500
Water slip and friction at a solid surfaceabstract & downloadMIPOS 250

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